Lausanne, South in the north of Leman's lake

The arms of Lausanne


Lausanne is the capital of Vaud’s area and the chief town of lausanne’s area.The city was built on 3 hills on the north’s rivers of the Leman’s lake, and extends itself until the rivers, providing a wonderful overview on the lake.

Lausanne’s area surveyed by 16 different rivers, furrowing the city to ending in the lake. The 3 more known are the « Flon », the « Louve » and the « Vuachère ». Far from the architecture of the italian city « Venise », Lausanne keep all the same a traditional charm thanks to its architecture built according to its rivers.


The « Opera lake » of Lausanne


Despite all its rivers, Lausanne’s charm and particularity come from its sloping group ending to the lake, offering a panoramic view of the lake in each location in the city. In an other hand, this current sloping ground prevented the building of large communication ways in downtown.


Lausanne’s assets are still present, as for example its south exposure following the sloping floor, for the own lausanne’s citizen’s pleasure. Interesting fact: Because of this exposure, all the buildings seems to look at the same direction.


The athletic and cosmopolitan Lausanne’s citizen


Lausanne is the Olympic capital since 1994, and gathers tourists from all around the world thanks to its Olympic Museum. The city organise, all over the year, sports events, marathons, street events to gather people and keep a regular activity, and provide a lot of infrastructure to facilitated sports. Is it to maintain the sports health of all the students living in Lausanne ?

The « EPFL » (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and the « EHL » (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne) are the 2 internationals schools of Lausanne, granting it the status of « Student city ».


In fact, Lausanne is an important student city, and also active city, because of the multiples international companies which settled there. Philip Morris International, Bobst Groupe, mix with the CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois) to become the city’s economic actors.


Following the wave of a young student and active population, new buildings are constructed to welcome them and optimized their work. Obviously, without tarnishing the current charm of Lausanne, preserved by its huge patrimony composed by the famous: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Lausanne, the « Chateau Sainte-Maire », the « Tribunal Federal, and all the parcs and fountains across the city.




Concerning a short journey in Lausanne, there is no lack of activities. Museums, Churches, ride around the city, parcs and gardens will satisfy everyone to relax and to keep this feeling in mind : « holidays ». This feeling, highlighted in all the activities provided to discover the city.


Sport addict, photograph, or little bit lazy ? you must be organized to have the time to enjoy each part of Lausanne’s culture and activities. Our chauffeured limousines will bring you wherever you want and can stay at your disposal.